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EdTech 101 was founded in 2013 to deliver the BEST technology to charter schools and private schools across the United States. After witnessing many school districts purchase hardware that was either obsolete or not appropriate for classroom settings, we set out on a journey to change the game of deploying educational technology devices in the classroom. 

The first thing we noticed was a heavy trend toward "refurbished" products. This did not sit well with our founding team. Our president stood up in a meeting and said, "Why would we want our students, our future leaders, using the technology of YESTERDAY?!" That powerful quote opened our eyes to a whole new beginning with Google Chromebooks and highly improved Windows PCs for students to take tests and collaborate with each other using these devices. 

After becoming Google for Education Authorized Partners, we found our niche in this marketplace. We pride ourselves on service and knowledge of Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education. Since we made the decision to offer ONLY the technology of tomorrow, we have found great success as a company, and even better success inside the classrooms of schools that partner with us.

If your school is planning a deployment of student devices, get in touch with our staff today!

"You guys make my life SO much easier!"

-Shannon Barragan

IT Director, iLEAD Schools

"Your quote was higher, but ultimately we trust your service over anyone else." 
-Raul Carranza
Principal, Teach Tech Charter High School

"Any other vendor would still be looking up the SKU while you guys deliver." 
-David DeVillers
IT Coordinator, Saint Bonaventure High School
Jeremy Hansen
Chief Fun Officer

I enjoy developing new relationships with our schools. School administrators and teachers make the perfect partners, and it's always my goal to keep your students paired with a working device. Connecting schools with the right tools to serve their needs is my specialty. I like to play ice hockey and spend time with my family at the beach.

Favorite part of my job: Starting new relationships from scratch. 

Ron Hansen
Benjamin Graf
VP of Finance & 
Chief Financial Officer

I'm the content creator here at EdTech! have a keen eye for design and aesthetic. It's my job to keep EdTech101 looking sharp--and fun. I'm an avid reader and cross-stitcher, and I stay busy with three young kids at home.

Favorite part of my job: Making flyers that both promote our awesome deals and make our customers smile. 

Lacie Graf Hansen​
Director of Marketing
& Creative Genius
Brendan Rios & Alex Torres
Tech Team
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